By the book.

What is life if not a story,
Unfolding with every line.

Turning its pages
While we grow younger
Dreaming new ones
Behind the whites of kindred eyes.

A life filled with stories.
A story that is life.



Excuse me, life: How is it that the greatest story ever written is quite possibly the one written by us all? #nevergrowup #storiesforlife xJ

Train | life.

there’s nothing
better than
sitting backwards
on a train,
back turned to
the future,
watching the
present moment
fall behind
you, again
and again
and again.


Excuse me, trains. But sometimes, you guys can be a little bit magic. And by sometimes, I mean almost never. You fucks. #trainlife xJ

Excuse me, technology: Stop stealing our moments.

The other night, as I sat scrolling frantically through Instagram on my phone, I thought I heard a voice. Scrap that. I did hear a voice. But between Facebook open on my laptop and the show-I-don’t-remember on TV, I couldn’t hear a thing.

Clearly I was busy.

I don’t know what shocked me out of my Insta-haze – maybe it was my boyfriend going off to bed. Or perhaps, every light being turned off. But there I was. Sitting in the dark. Living proof:

Missing the moment

Since then, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the hours I waste online. I’ve dropped my ‘awakening’ into countless conversations, which have all led to very similar stories in return. Everyone can relate, because sadly, it’s our reality…

We're all too caught up in Cyberland to even speak!

Whether it’s email addiction or extreme Facebook updating, we’re all suffering from the same techno-ill. Selective hearing, total distraction, delayed responses due to obsessive checking-in – but what of it? It’s how we make “conversation” these days.

Even when we do speak, we end up talking about the online versions of ourselves. Just the other day, friends of mine recalled overhearing a cringe-worthy first date. The girl had asked the guy if he had “googled” her. When he said no, the conversation turned to whether they had ever “googled” themselves (of course, she had). I mean, are we even for real anymore? Arguably not.

Well, I say bring back the good old days. The ones when we went out more, and spoke often, instead of sending texts and emails. We had a sense of freedom too, that seems limited these days. Just look at our parents – once upon a time, they took off without a trace, middle fingers to the world: a sense of freedom that many of us will never experience.

There are some glimmers of hope, like those digging out old Nokia’s and ditching their iPhone’s altogether (thanks Gem). Yep, people who are actually doing stuff in their spare time again. Actual human stuff. Imagine!

So, here’s my challenge to you: Put down your phone, turn off your computer, or back away from this screen – right now. Look up, look wide, and watch your world. Start a conversation. Give that sweet thing over there a kiss. Open a book. Make a moment. Go.

Because sometimes, life’s littlest and most precious moments are happening unseen, right before our eyes …

All we need to do – is remember to look.


Excuse me, New Year’s Resolutions.

Who do you think you are? Putting more pressure on us to be ‘better people’ after one of the biggest nights of the year?

I don’t know about you, but we’re all just trying to get past the hangover.

The holiday season is to blame. It’s the one time of year we eat up, spend up, booze up … and wake up on New Years Day feeling guilty (or, still drunk).

We’ve pushed our bodies, our emotions and our credit cards to the limit. But this year, it’s all going to change, right? We’re going on diets, we’re putting double on our mortgages and we’re never drinking again. YES!

No, Resolutions. No.

Quite frankly, you should be ashamed. You’ve set us up to fail at our most vulnerable and foggy-headed time.

You only have to look at Twitter or Instagram right now to witness the madness. Every brand under the sun is jumping on board. “Oh, January, hmm – I know – let’s do New Year’s Resolutions!”  How original. As Jim Carrey would say:

Somebody Stop Me

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for a challenge. I’m the first to add murky green chlorophyll to my water every January and cry “detox”. You should see the looks I get at work. But surely the key is a constant journey of little ‘I Will’s’ – not one single thing that’s impossible to sustain…

So this year, we’re making mistakes, lots of them.

We’re travelling to places we’ve never been before.

We’re trying things we’ve never tried – even if it is something called chlorophyll.

And we’re going to make ourselves feel amazing, little by little, every day.

Perhaps from now on, we should call you New Year’s ‘Revolutions’, instead.

‘Cos I’m certainly not making any resolutions.

Who wants to be a cheap, skinny, sober chick, anyway?

Yours sincerely,

‘Twas the rant before Christmas.

And all through the house,
Not a creature was sober,
Not even my spouse.

Christmas hangover time


1/  I mean, for starters, Christmas, hurry up already. The sound of my alarm in the morning is making me want to throw my phone through the window. Hard.

2/  You just had to fall on a Wednesday, didn’t you. So now we all have to suffer the torturous task of going back to work for just one or two days.

3/  Seriously, Christmas tree. Who knew you could drink more than I do? I can barely remember to brush my own hair right now, let alone tend to your wilting mop. It’s fair to say you’re starting to resemble some sort of sorry-looking toupee.

4 /  Shoppers, enough with the death stares already. I mean, what’s not to love. We’re all super excited to be exchanging one another’s body odour in passing, right? And by the way, the smell of your stale coffee breath over my shoulder could not be any more appealing.

5/  Slow walkers and dawdlers, get out of my way. Not only are you infuriating, you’re also rather impossible to get around gracefully.

6/  None of this Merry Christmas b/s. Everywhere I go, I’m witnessing what can only be described as the ‘moving Christmas domestic’. Screaming kids are being dragged behind fed up mums and dads, just like pain-faced men are being left for dead behind fed up wives and girlfriends …

7/  Guys, what’s with the social gatherings outside the shops? We’ve all seen it: nearby bannisters and chairs filled with these poor, defeated souls. Oh, it’s all too much, isn’t it … finding a gift for your own mother. Poor things. Well ladies, this is our cue to take a gazillion times longer.

8/  Why all the hostility? I blame it on the office Christmas party aftermath. Yep, “somebody” got home at 3am this morning, pretending to be “fine” … only to have Facebook ruin EVERYTHING. Apparently, one drunken-eyed photo with a stolen Santa hat is all it takes.

9/  While all of this makes for excellent people watching, it doesn’t make finding the right gift (or a hangover) any easier. I’m carrying more bags under my eyes than I’ve had in my hands all month. Needless to say my Christmas shopping is still not done.

10/  And right now, Christmas, I’m past caring. Stick a fork in me, Jerry. I’m done!


Christmas Kramer