This wintery chill numbs the fronts of my
shin bones in 180 denier tights.

The skin below my fingernails, a lake frozen
over by shiny pink sheets of ice.

Three coats I wear, just one on my back.

With my fairy floss hair, stuck cold to my
mouth, spun high in the air.

Lost is all appetite for food, for reading,
for hunger, for words.

A collapse of the mind, fatigued in this cold.

All thought frozen. Standing. Still.


Train | life.

there’s nothing
better than
sitting backwards
on a train,
back turned to
the future,
watching the
present moment
fall behind
you, again
and again
and again.


Excuse me, trains. But sometimes, you guys can be a little bit magic. And by sometimes, I mean almost never. You fucks. #trainlife xJ


Giddy up.

AAMI Derby Day Emirate Stakes Day 2014 Fashion Melbourne Cup Carnival


Spring racing in Melbourne with my favourite ladies. Nothing better. #yeehaa

Wearing (1): Dress from Cooper St, aviators by D&G, shoulder flower – vintage silk scarf with brooch from Shag; (2 + 3): Dress from Zara, lace fascinator by Melissa Richards Millinery, vintage Dior earrings from Hawkeye Vintage, vintage red clutch from Savers (yup). xJ