Train | life.

there’s nothing
better than
sitting backwards
on a train,
back turned to
the future,
watching the
present moment
fall behind
you, again
and again
and again.


Excuse me, trains. But sometimes, you guys can be a little bit magic. And by sometimes, I mean almost never. You fucks. #trainlife xJ




I recently finished reading Foreign Soil by Aussie author Maxine Beneba Clarke; the book that inspired this piece. Quite simply, because it’s like nothing I’ve ever read.

It’s edgy and unpunctuated. Thick with challenging topics, and accents. A rucksack stuffed with ten short stories set all over the world, from Australia to New Orleans. Voices written not as they speak, but as they actually sound. Southern drawls, Jamaican twangs, cool Caribbean coos. Like dis, mun. And it’s wonderful. It’s refreshing. It’s heartwarming to hear the souls of her characters echo in your ears. And it’s real life, real genius, captured in words. xJ


Room with a view.

1888 Hotel Sydney Interior Loft RoomWho could get sick of a loft like this? The 1888 Hotel is now my favourite place to stay in Sydney. Put simply, it’s a hotel that feels like home (and a beautifully restored home at that). It’s located in Pyrmont, which is practically Darling Harbour, but without being right in the thick of it. I run the loop around Pyrmont and Darling Harbour when I stay – the best way to wake up in Sydders. Plus, the staff not only remember you, they leave hand-written notes every time you return. And organic chocolate. Yaha. But who’s counting? xJ

The magic hour.

The magic hour sunset

When the sun breaks
Brightens the grass
To crisp, blinding green.
When rays of light
Ebb and flow
Over raindrops;
Sparkling fields.
And in the distance
Black cows
Like holes in a canvas
Like shadows
Stand unchanged,
While the colour fades
To muted fog.
And one by one
The raindrops play
A melody once more.

– jl


Last week, something magic happened. I wrote my first poem in years. The endless flow of card games and wine may have helped. But honestly. There’s nothing better for the soul than a week at my mother-in-law’s gorgeous 20 acre property. It’s the stuff of dreams. And many a magic hour … enjoy. xJ

My mother-in-law's spectacular house